Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Met on the Way . . . Sinti Past & Present

We recently returned from three months in the States. Before we left, we had an unexpected though very welcomed visit from two Sinti believers, Sabina and her cousin. The Sinti have been in Western Europe longer than any other Romany group. Sabina and her cousin are very aware of their heritage. They actively disciple and evangelize other Romany. Sabina is also active in advocating for Romany in other ways. For instance, she was asked to share about Sinti history and current experiences at the Hauge Talks.
The Hague Talks "set peace and justice in motion." This presentation was to a group of international students. Sabina, like most adult Sinti I have met, can converse in several different languages. On this occasion, she spoke in English and sang in her native language.

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